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Why AT&T iPhone Unlock service is not stable & limited?

Why AT&T iPhone Unlock service is not stable & limited?

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AT&T was the cheapest known iPhone Unlock service before October 2nd 2013. Somehow this service failed to work after 2nd October and all pending orders (If we explain in details, thousands of IMEIs) got rejected and service went in dead drop. Prior to this major drop down – At&t iPhone unlock was available to unlock in 1-6 hours format and it was costing less than a single US Dollar to bulk / quantity unlocker. Service came alive after a week and it was priced up up to 20$ which was 40 time higher than previous bulk rate and all of this suddenly increased market pricing and all over world many customers & retailers had to face many troubles.

Every iPhone has to be unlocked officially from some source inside carrier. We don’t know or will not share identity to any one but from known and trusted source, We got inside leak. AT&T might have noticed a major figure of unlocking their new devices iPhone 5s / iPhone 5c and all previous version. As a part of contract, AT&T is only charging $99 or $199 as per iPhone 5s /5c sale on first month. Customer signs agreement with at&t which has to be completed only after 24 months. During this period customer have to use at&t SIM card and he get some data / calling and SMS services in promotion against payment of few USD (Normally $15 to $40) per month. In trade, Customer get discount on their talk-time or data-usage and get latest iPhone without paying in full.

Due to unknown reason, AT&T have discovered these IMEI unlock process method and have blocked all possible ways which could lead customers to get iPhone. Due to this blockage, many sources who offer unlocking Limited Supply, huge demand makes product to distributors and resellers got their solution closed by AT&T. At the moment, Very Very limited sources available on main channel who actually unlock iPhone in at&t. Moreover, Our team discovered that new IMEI is likely to unlock only 10% quantity then previously possible on daily basis. Any well educated person will tell you a simple reason behind this price hike. Limited Supply, huge demand creates product more required & expensive.

Not just ATT iPhone, Other code based unlock services like Nokia Lumia Unlock Codes, Samsung Unfreeze Codes, Cingular Codes, AT&T Generic Code also had to face this situation and everyone noted price increment overnight. Since this is upstream issue and it is not possible to recover from distributor or reseller end, Every one has to go through this way only. If you are trying (when we’re writing this, 18th Oct, 2013) to unlock quantity bigger than 100 IMEIs everyday may have noted failure on daily basis. Only very few IMEIs are getting unlocked and that is why worldwide resellers are looking for alternative source. In case – If you’re a customer who have ordered unlocking somewhere,  You don’t need to worry a bit as this is going to sort out in a few days.